Monday, 18 January 2016

Biocera Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

The Biocera Alkaline Water pitcher allows you to enjoy the simple pleasure of alkaline water cheaper. In the past, alkaline ionized water requires expensive setup in your kitchen. Biocera has detoxifying effect of alkaline water made affordable. With this system, all you need is water from the tap, and you are ready to reap the health benefits of alkaline water.

Biocera Alkaline Water pitcher

Biocera alkaline antioxidant and filters have the ability to turn your tap water into mineral-rich alkaline water that carries antioxidant properties. These new alkaline and antioxidant filters interaction with water and minerals to the free hydrogen to increase in the water. This hydrogen is reported to antioxidant capability, and thus has the overall health benefits.

Why Choose Biocera Alkaline Water Pitcher

  • It alkalizes the water added to it, typically raising the pH from 7.5 to 9.5
  • It changes the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water giving it antioxidant properties
  • The bioceramics emit low levels of natural energy which helps improve water structure and hydration.
  • Filters out chlorine and reduces heavy metals and other contaminants
  • It is an effective alternative to expensive electronic water ionizers
  • The bioceramics in the filter cartridge have got NSF certification.
  • It is more environmentally friendly and gives healthier water than bottled water.
  • Requires no plumbing connection or electricity supply
  • Looks attractive on worktop or can fit in fridge door.
In our view, drink well water is the simplest things that most people can do to improve their level of well-being. To the alkaline ionized water from your jar of hot and cold drinks, to cook and to wash fruits and vegetables.

Customer Reviews about Biocera Alkaline Pitcher

By Wigwam
I drink a lot of water and this makes it taste SO much nicer its really not a chore - I have had a filter jug for years but this is even better and leave the water slightly alkaline which is meant to be better for us. The reason it does n't get 5 stars as the jug does not pour particularly well when its very full

By Poyrah
This water filter is amazing, I brought one for my daughter, who told me how energised she felt since she had been using this alkaline filter and that I should try it, well my energy levels are much higher and my skin much clearer.

By Ms Audrey WL Choo
Have been drinking the alkaline water for 6 weeks now and am feeling great. Joints feel good and feeling better overall.

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