Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Experience the Magic of Alkaline Pitcher

Contaminated water is extremely dangerous for human health if it is consumed without filtration. Though water is the most essential component for every living being, yet contaminated water is not at all acceptable for consumption.

The secret behind clean and healthy water

The very first step one should take before consuming the water is to check the standard of water. Water can be purified through various means and alkaline water pitcher is one of them. However, you should know how water is purified through this advanced technology.

The process of purification

The alkaline pitcher is composed of three layers and the purification is done in three simple steps.

Step 1:
The coarse pre filter prevents the visible particles to move inside the second layer.

Step 2:
In the second step, the water reaches PP pre filter zone. In this zone the fine polypropylene mush hinder small particles or residues to enter inside the filter.

Step 3:
In the third step, the active carbon filter bed purifies the taste and odor of the water. It also hinders the organic compounds to get inside the filter, thus produces clean and safe water for drinking. This very pitcher operates in the aforementioned methods to offer healthy water for you and your family.

So, opt for these water purification methods and live clean and healthy.


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