Saturday, 16 January 2016

Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge - BIOCERA

Healthier, great-tasting water. Refresh. Filling. Revitalize. The new BIOCERA alkaline water filter cartridge reduces potential water reduction oxygen and you just put tap water in an antioxidant.

Alkaline  Water Filter Cartridge


- BIOCERA Mineral Water Filter Media NSF certified for harmful substances that can reduce your tap water.
- Antioxidant Alkaline water tastes fresh and clean.
- Less water clusters to increase vitality and boost the positive effect of water.
- NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) analyzes show that ordinary tap water has a cluster of about 100-130 (Hz) H 2 O molecules - after passage of the fixed BIOCERA antioxidant filter cluster size is reduced to 50 to 60 (Hz) H 2 O molecules.

Composition of the filter

1. Coarse filter particulate pre-filter visible particles blocking access to the filter bed.
2. PP filter to a fine of polypropylene mesh to prevent small particles or sediment getting into the filter media and thus clogging of the filter material.
3. Activated carbon (or resin) filter bed: activated carbon granules act as a magnet that attracts chlorine (taste and odor), as well as organic compounds such as benzene (if present in the water).
4. BIOCERA antioxidant alkaline ceramic balls:
- Rinse acid metabolites and toxins
- Hydrogen (H 2) to remove the activated oxidant
- Change in water in alkaline water (pH)
- Small water molecules faster by the body
- Delivery minerals



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